Error message when trying to transmit a T1135 for a trust return

code 441 Your software needs an update. The date on the software is prior to the certified release date. Please contact your software developer to obtain an upgrade of your tax preparation software. If you require assistance, please call your EFILE Helpdesk. Note: Your account will be locked after five unsuccessful attempts.

according to my taxcycle I am current to the last update. Please help

Can you tell us what version of TaxCycle you are running?
You can see that by clicking on File and then on Help where you will see our version number right under “Support”.

Hi Allen

Version 12.1.49236.0

When I click on the download button it says I am up to date. Not sure where to go from here.

Is this T1135 in a 2022 or a 2021 return?

its in a 2021 return for a 2022 yeaerend

Oh, that is the problem… CRA will only accept 2022 year-end returns from our 2022 T3 module.
That goes for the T1135 as well as the T3RET and any other return. Slips filing is not so particular.

Since your file is already complete, follow these steps to convert the file to 2022:

  1. Copy the file to your desktop, such that the original file remains in the original location.
  2. Change the file extension to 2022T3 from 2021T3. Windows will prompt you to confirm that you want to rename which is OK.
  3. I suggest opening both files and making sure the 2022T3 file has everything exactly like what you had in the 2021T3 file. Just want to be sure nothing got lost in the conversion.
  4. If all is OK, cut and paste the new file back to where your original file was and you should now be able to transmit the T1135 without issue from the 2022T3 file.

Let me know if that works.

Thanks, more clarification for this dinosaur

Hey Allen, I’m not sure how to change the file extension. do you have more details on that?

Use Windows Explorer (or File Manager, or whatever). Open the folder where you saved the 2021 T3 file from TaxCycle. Select the file. Hit F2 or right-click and choose “Rename”. Use the cursor keys to move to the right end of the filename “xxxx.2021T3”. Change the 2021 to 2022. Hit Enter.

I think in Monica’s situation, she has her file manager set to not display file extensions - I’m guessing she only sees the file name.

So … in your file manager, go to VIEW => OPTIONS menu, and click on the “Change Folder and Search Options”. In the new dialogue box that opens, click the VIEW tab. Then scroll down and UNCHECK the option to “Hide extensions for known file types”.


Once you apply this change, you will be able to see the file extensions and make your changes as specified in @Nezzer’s comment.

Super helpful! thanks so much to you all! I’m back in action! Cheers!!