T1135 Amendment

For a filed return. client want to do T1135 amendment. Do I need to re-create a T1135 and mark as “amended”. Then EFILE again? Or do I have to print and mail the amendment T1135? Anyone knows?

To amend a T1135, check the box at the top of the T1135, entitled “If this is an amended return check this box”, make the change that is required to the entries on the T1135. You will notice that the watermark changes to “Amended” with the current date. You will have to first dismiss the original transmission message in the T1135 Transmit window, then you can transmit the T1135 again. The new transmission will include an indicator that the return is amended.

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Are there penalties for Amending the T1135?

there probably would be a penalty for not amending a T1135 if it under reported.