Amending a T5 slip

Do you have to create a brand new file for amending T5? Don’t see anywhere I can just file amended from the original file.

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On your T5 slip entry screen, change the type of slip(s) from Original to Amended. Make your changes to the slip(s) in the original file.

If you EFILEd the T5s, go to the transmit tab on the sidebar and click on the “Transmission Successful” link. In the new window underneath, there should be a new link to click if you need to file Amended or Cancelled slips. Follow the prompts.

If you filed printed T5s, go to the Print tab of the sidebar and click print. At the top of the side bar it will say Original T5 slips. Click on that and select Amended T5 Slips. It will now show the amended T5 slips for printing and resubmitting.