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New T1013

Here is the situation:

We took over a client during tax season and efiled a T1013 for her. In the T1 program, the T1013 now has a nice watermark on it indicating we should not file it.

The client has now passed away. As a result we need to file a new T1013. Since we don’t have a 2015 planning version yet, I can’t roll the file forward. Using save as, does not remove the watermark.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get a T1013 that I can paper file that does not have a watermark without having to add all of the information in a new file?

Have you tried to go to the transmit tab expand the T1013 section and click “dismiss the cra messages and start again”

@James1, I just tried that but since it was successfully transmitted, that link is not active.

I just tried to reset one filed this module, and it worked…

What you need to do, is click on the transmission confirmation number. That will open up the dialogue. Then you will see ‘dismiss’ on the bottom.

click on dismiss, and follow the prompts

Then, after that you may have to change the line on the top part of the form where you select the type of authorization.

I think I am okay – either intentionally, or as a result of a substandard printer – when I print out the T1013, the watermark saying not to file does not print. (Silly me for just assuming the watermark would print. :grinning: )

@BertMulderCGA, that method doesn’t work for me as the “dismiss” link is greyed out.

If you open up the Options dialog and select TaxCycle / Transmission / Workflow. Is the option “Allow for the dismissal of successful transmission messages” unchecked?

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And I thought you were concerned about the ability to retransmit…

Thanks @Andrew. That did the trick. (But we are going to keep that unchecked except for the few times we need to use it, just to be on the safe side.)

@BertMulderCGA, since the taxpayer is deceased we find it much easier to paper file the T1013 with the will and death certificate, etc. rather than efiling and sending those documents separately – we find it is less confusing for our friends at CRA :wink: .

@Matthew, in that case, it is much easier just to handwrite a T1013, or use a PDF fill in. Which is what we do on the majority of new clients in any case…

We just have all the standard information (firm name and business number, etc. filled in beforehand)

Little off topic,

I agree, It would be nice if CRA would handle it like the RC59, allow us to efile the T1013 then give us a reference number and allow the upload of the additional documents from the online system. Maybe the guys and gals at taxcycle could mention that to CRA in passing for us.


To print the form without the wordmark, dont print it from the Client Copy Print menu. Open up the form, and click on the print form icon in the upper left corner. I will print without the word mark.