T1044 Worksheet filing requirements

Our firm files a ton of T1044’s and we’re loving the fact that TaxCycle does most of the legwork based on the GIFI!

I have a low priority suggestion with regards to the T1044WS - is there any chance the Part 1 condition 2 value relating to the organization’s total asset value for the preceding year could auto-populate based on the S100 value? If it is possible I think it would just be a helpful reminder when an NPO tips over that threshold for the first time.



Good afternoon, I had this on my list of To do’s for the off-season. But,I will add this to the next release.
In T1044WS, when you answer Yes to the question “Complete T1044 from GIFI?”, we will calculate the previous year’s total assets from S100 prior year column. If No, we will leave that field to be edit so you can enter the value of your choice.

Please note that, after the release, when you re-open the file, we will retain the previously entered value by way of an override. So, you will have to take the override off.

Thank you for your feedback and continued support.


Thanks again Steven!