Missing feature

When keying in prior year history into the 5YearSummary, the totalling lines should automatically fill in. For example, if I key $23,000 into line 101 and $1,000 in line 121, line 150 should show $24,000.

dennis i think they cant do that because of the careover from taxcycle year to year i ask the same thing last year


We don’t calculate those totals because we carry it forward from your prior year software, and we want all the totals to match last years, especially in cases where the 5 year summaries from the prior vendor does not match ours.

We’ve had this as a suggestion more than once, and I plan to look at it this year in early February once the certifications are complete. Likely we’ll have some kind of a check box on the form to switch over to calculated totals, or I’ll detect if there are carryforward values in the column…

~ Cameron