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T1013 Valid consent already on file

I carried forward a client file I have for three years. I get a message regarding “Auto-fill my return” data may be available and also showing T1013 “Valid consent already on file”.
I know for sure that I never had this client sign T1013 nor submitted his T1013. When I click on consent history, the date of submission is blank and there is not confirmation number. I checked all prior years and did not find confirmation for submitting T1013.

Why Taxcycle is telling me that I have T1013 valid on file?

Did you have this option set when you carried forward the file from your prior software?

Another possibility is that someone changed the value of that field at some point in the past 3 years.

No I don’t have this option set. There is No check mark on the box.
Thanks for replying so quick.

Should I have a check mark on that box?

No, you should not generally have a check mark in that box. That option was added because some competitor software did not do a very good job of tracking the T1013, and some preparers insist that all clients have T1013s on file, so that was a way to make sure that TaxCycle treated all files carried forward from competitors as having a T1013.

Then why is it showing on Taxcycle that I have a valid consent? This client been with me since I started using this software and never carried his file from any other software. It was created as new file in 2012.


There are three ways this can happen:

  1. You did AFR for this client and it worked. TaxCycle then answers the question on the T1013 for you.
  2. You filed a T1013 electronically.
  3. You manually changed the T1013 status to “Valid, on file”, as shown below:

If there is no consent on file, you should change this field to “Make a selection…”, and then TaxCycle will no longer think that there is a T1013 on file.

None of the above things were done. As soon I carried forward his file from last year, an AFR was present and T1013 valid was present before I enter any information or save the file yet.

But I will change the field to make selection …

Thanks for your assistant Cameron.