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With new clients we create a file for them and print out and have them sign a T1013 at our initial meeting. When we file efile those, however, the status on the engagement form does not change to Valid T1013 already on file and accepted by CRA. As a result, we end up getting extra’s printed out later in the process. It would be nice if this setting changed once the form was successfully efiled. It changes on the workflow, but not on the Engagement Information.

I believe the same is happening if we use AFR successfully. The workflow changes, but the status on the Engagement information doesn’t.

It would also be nice (don’t know if it can be done) if we try to use AFR thinking we had authorization but get rejected, the the status on the Engagement would revert to the new file default setting.

We have left the T1013 in the print set based on the Engagement Information setting to prompt us to get one signed in the rare case we don’t have one, so that setting is important for us and would like it to be as automated as possible.


Is this because you have some print settings that rely on those values? If you are creating print conditions, this:

hasreceipt(CurrentClient, “T1013”)

Is true when the T1013 has been filed in the year…

When I do AFR, the T1013 status is changing to “on file” for me. Is there something I am missing?

~ Cameron

I think we are talking two different places.
On the workflow it changes to “on file”, but on the Engagement Information form it is not changing for us in the Consent Type drop down.

We have the T1013 in our client copy print set. When the information in the Engagement Information -> Consent Type is correct, the print settings work as expected.

Once I Efile T1013 after client signature, the consent type in Engagement form changes immediately with confirmation #

We get the confirmation, but no change in the consent type.

Your screen shot shows the problem. The consent type has not changed to Valid T1013 already on file and accepted by CRA. When the already on file setting is selected, the T1013 in the print set is no longer relevant and will not print.

We have found that the setting you are at in the screen shot sets the T1013 with those settings rather than indicating it has been done.

Are you sure the proper type is selected on T1013 form?

I get what you mean - you want the consent type to reflect Valid T1013 on file and accepted - immediately after Efiling T1013.
from what I gather this line is populated by the T1013.
if you go back to T1013 after Efiling and change the first line to " Valid T1013 already on file" it will set the Engagement with proper line

I know we can do it manually, I was hoping that the program would be able to do it. :smiley:

It’s on the wishlist … along with a Stanley Cup for the Ottawa Senators!:trumpet:


Is this really about what it says in the “authorization type”, or do you just want the T1013 to not be selected for printing if it’s been successfully efiled?

If we change that field after efiling, the net effect will be that you will not able to reprint the T1013 later, without setting the “authorization type” back to the setting it was initially. When you change the “authorization type”, it changes how the form is completed.

If it’s just the print condition for the T1013 you want changed, we can do that. We can’t change the “authorization type” field after filing without breaking other stuff. We’d have to rework the way the T1013 operates.


You are showing a form that has been carried forward. On carry forward, we do set it to “Valid, on file”. We don’t change the consent type after efiling the T1013 because it would then change how the T1013 is calculated, so then you couldn’t reprint it.

@Cameron, It is really about the T1013 printing. We found that the easiest way to deal with it was through changing the authorization type. So we are happy with any way you can control the printing of it when it is part of a larger print set based on it being accepted on filing and success access to AFR (and in a perfect world, rejected by AFR).

I agree - I want the print setting to turn the T1013 off if it has been successfully e-filed.
Having to uncheck it in every print set is a time waster.


This is not anything we have difficulty with, because as a general rule we obtain a T1013 on every file, before the work is completed. As such, we do not have it set to print in any print job except for a client copy.

Starting in the release later this week, there is an option to control whether the T1013 is marked as used if it has been submitted. You can set it under T1/Form availability… Watch for it!!

~ Cameron

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