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T1013 - Consider submitting a new T1013 authorization form

Have never had this diagnostic come up…

Wondering what triggers is, as I have access, and the original T1013 is not that long ago… First year 2012.

Check form “T1013 Results”, if there is an authorization expiry date on one of the rows in there less than the current tax year, it will bring up the message. See the example below:

~ Rob

Took a look at the return - it has 2 lines on it. The oldest entry had an expiry date, but that one was superceded by the more recent authorization without expiry…
(the old ones expired in 2014). So, you may wish to fix this to only read the latest entry.

Yes…noticed that when sending the example, we have adjusted it so that if any row contains authorization expiry date in the current tax year, you will no longer see the warning.

~ Rob