T4E Only Box 14 completed

I AFR’d the T4E slip, only Box 14 has a figure in it. TaxCycle review note suggests contacting Service Canada if other boxes are not completed. There must be a better way! I couldn’t find a path to get to a person.

I have one of these that is a similar situation, but slightly different.

If the repayment rate in box 7 is zero then you don’t need to worry too much, as even if you were to manually enter the amount from box 14 into box 15 it doesn’t change anything with the T1 return.

I have a T4E slip where the client received regular EI Benefits as well as CERB via Service Canada. His T4E has about 10,000 in box 14 (total benefits), 5,900 in box 15 (regular benefits) and 680 in box 22 (income tax deducted). He has a repayment rate of 30% in box 7

He is also over 80,000 in net income, such that he is subject to repayment of EI benefits. TaxCycle is correctly calculating the EI repayment based on the amount in box 15 (5,900) rather than the entire amount. However, TaxCycle is also hollering that the amount in boxes 15, 17, 18, 33, 36, and 37 is not equal to the amount in box 14. Presumably those boxes are intended to be an allocation of the total amount of EI received (box 14) and that’s the reason for the diagnostic message.

In my case, if I allocate the entire amount to box 15 then his social benefit repayment increases by about $1,000. If I don’t allocate the amount then TaxCycle doesn’t feel that I should file the T1 return as it contains review messages.

In my mind it seems to make sense that even if a client had income high enough to be subject to clawback of EI benefits that the CERB portion of the EI benefits should not be clawed back. Not because I feel that a person making over 67,750 should have been eligible to receive CERB… but only because if the person had received CERB benefits via CRA My Account (instead of via the Service Canada stream) there is no mechanism for a clawback of CERB regardless of income. (Canada Recovery Benefit - CRB is a different story)

Also, I have noticed so far that all clients who only received CERB via Service Canada (T4E slip) but not regular EI benefits have a repayment rate of 0% in box 7… further reinforcing this position that EI clawback doesn’t apply to CERB benefits?