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T1 Slip Summary order

Is there a way to set a custom order to the slips on the T1 slip summary page.
I am wanting it to follow the order income as listed on the T1 jacket.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

So where would you put a T3 which can have;

  • Capital gains/losses,
  • Dividends,
  • Other income,
  • Pension income,
  • Foreign non-business income,
  • Eligible death benefits,
  • Retiring allowance,
  • Charitable donations,
  • Carrying charges,

I just want to know if there is the ability to sort the order. We can set Doxcycle to have a customized order and I was wondering if we could do the same in Taxcycle on the T1 slip summary. I am not suggesting any particular order should be used. I just wanted to match our firm’s workflow.

I can’t help, but I will second your motion. I would also like the ability to sort the slips within groups (e.g. T5s by SIN, issuer, and account number). In the olden days we used to use non-professional staff to sort slips in a predetermined order. Now I can’t sort them myself (let alone tell a clerk how to sort them) without opening the tax return to see how they were listed last year.

As for helga_spence’s comment, logically T3 would come after (not before) the T4 group and before T5s.