T1 Condensed Return

One of my clients must file a paper return. She has a business, therefore a T2125. Does a copy of the 2125 need to be attached to the return? Does a copy of the Federal Tax Schedule and the Ontario Tax Schedule need to included also?
Thanks for your help.

I would attach those schedules - I wonder about any T4, or other T documents? What about Medical and Donation receipts - should they be attached? Or do we send them just what we do when we transmit electronically?

When you get to Federal Schedules, it will list the Schedules that are included. The provincial 428 will definitely be included with the posible exception of multijurisdictions. The T2125 will need to be printed.

Apparently, if the T-slip is on the website, it should not be included. Also, no medical or donation receipts unless requested.

That would have been my thought. Thanks.