Ontario Trillium Benefit: confusion

I have been getting some conflicting info on this while digging through the night. To make a long story short, here is my case:

My mother who is having health issues with her older age has been begging me for a while to move back in with her. So I sold my house a couple years ago and have been living in with my mother all of 2022.

While I do pay our necessities like food and many other things to help her out, I technically do NOT pay rent, and do NOT pay the property-taxes. She is still the registered owner of the house.

Do I skip filling out the Trillium Benefit stuff for my own taxes? Or is there still a benefit at $0 rent, even though I am not the home-owner and do not pay the property tax?

It is very confusing when I read the different government rulings on this. And I don’t want to be in violation of double-dipping if this is not how it is to be determined.

Based on what you described your mother is the only one who can claim. You have no entitlement. Klaus - Exact Tax Service

My recollection of the rule for the old Ontario Property Tax Credit was that you could claim property taxes paid by or for you so you didn’t necessarily have to be that payor. I think that has changed with the Trillium Benefit. The new rule appears to require that you pay your own property taxes.

By or for you refers to the owner of the property. Klaus, Exact Tax Service (Toronto)