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Support contact

There needs to be a better way for support issues. I emailed them over a day ago and I have not received any kind of response, even if they have received the initial question.
Maybe they are slow because of the time of year, but it would be nice to know what is going on.
Also what is the best way to contact support? Normally I would not ask my question here on the boards.

I just phone. Usually who ever answers, which they do and almost never goes to voicemail, can deal with your question.

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I always phone and never have a problem. They always resolve my problem within a day or two

I find that email is not very effective with TaxCycle.

I also have experienced very good support from Taxcycle. Always answer the phone and have resolved problems with the one call 9/10 times with more complicated issues (program bug), which they take a little longer to respond and resolve in the next update. Emails, I think are treated as lower severity and will take more time to respond but never experienced a miss.



Absolutely. Taxcycle support has been stellar. One phone number. Rarely any wait times. Patient and always pleasant. All questions are treated seriously and if the answer is not immediate a return call usually arrives within 24 hours or less. I have no complaints whatsoever. Keep up the good work Taxcycle! Much appreciated!

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Although I rarely have support issues, I find that they inevitably arise outside of business hours. Support requests I have sent by email have always received a prompt response, either by email or phone, the following business day.

TaxCycle has the best support of all tax programs. Use the phone = talk to the owner or developers >90% of the time. Problem resolved while on the call 100% of the time.


Before switching to bookkeeping and tax in late 1999 I was in Tech starting with IBM and elsewhere, implementing accounting and whole company systems for 22 years. Since fall of 1999 I was using ProFile and others (sub-contracting) such as TaxPrep, Visual Tax, and Dr Tax. I switched to TaxCyle for the T1 2016.

Bar none, TaxCycle has the best tech support ever. And I mean ever! By phone you can reach someone who can solve your problem immediately or refer you to someone else who usually helps same day.

If it requires development, you can reach the developer. That rarely happens elsewhere. And, those TaxCycle developers are savvy, motivated, and well informed.

If for any odd reason, such as holidays or conferences, there is a skeleton staff, TaxCycle usually responds next day.

Or, use the Forum. A community member or staff member will usually respond.

The number one reason that I switched to TaxCycle was support. The fact that the software is wonderful and robust is a bonus.

I am sorry that you have had a bad experience. I am sure that it was a odd ball one off. Please feel confident that calling is the best first step for prompt response. Next is Forum. Last is email.

Please be patient. It will be worth your investment of time and effort. TaxCycle is feature rich and being continually improved. It takes time and effort on your part to learn the app. Again, TaxCycle excels with the fantastic video library, detailed feature explanatory posts, and a detailed user manual. TaxCycle is the only tax app that I know of which has these tools. Currently only two of my many many apps provide user manuals, TaxCycle and my Fujitsu Scanners. It is a rare and unusual app provider who invests so heavily in user support.

I hope that these comments help bolster your faith and trust in TaxCycle.

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I just want to add my shout-out to all of the TaxCycle crew. I have used virtually every tax preparation software out there. I’ve also followed Cam Peter’s career through CanTax, Profile and, now, TaxCycle. Cam, you and your entire crew have hit an out-of-the-park homerun with this program. It takes all the best parts of the ‘big two’ and brings them into one well thought out and functionally intuitive platform.

From a software coding and technical aspect, keeping up with CRA’s constant changes cannot be easy but, the continuous improvement philosophy TaxCycle has is helping make us tax preparers look better in the eyes of our clients.

When I decided to exit the Big 4 and mid-tier firms to go it alone, the hardest decision was which tax preparation software to use. This decision became a no-brainer when I reviewed TaxCycle.

Sorry I think I came off too hash, it was not necessarily a bad experience, and not trying to bash the company or program. But I still think some sort of auto reply is better than nothing, even to say something like “for a faster response please call…”.

I am a little stubborn with emails and prefer this to phoning, I realize it can’t solve all the problems.