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Standard client letter template anomaly for widowed

I have just completed a widowed-in-the-prior-year taxpayer’s return. TaxCycle nicely rolled forward the surviving spouse’s T1, uncoupling the deceased spouse’s return (nicely-done, TaxCycle!), BUT . . .

The client letter still makes reference to the deceased spouse (e.g. under GST credits), and also includes the following statement

" . . .you have indicated that your December 31st marital status is Widowed. If this changes, and if you or [deceased spouse] are receiving any family benefits . . . "

Potentially embarrassing! My template programming skills aren’t sufficient to fix this. Can anyone help? Or TaxCycle change the client letter template?

I have resolved my problem.
TaxCycle rolled forward the surviving spouse’s return and uncoupled from the deceased spouse’s return, but left the deceased spouse’s data in the surviving spouse’s Info form, which I hadn’t noticed (I was so impressed with TaxCycle’s automatic recognition of the new status that I never looked beyond it)
Once cleared out of there, all is working as expected.

You can also edit the letters on an individual basis quite easily for any changes you might wish to make.

Thanks, Arliss, I knew that. My original comment was in the vein of trying to avoid “overrrides”.