Final return for deceased couple

I have a husband and wife you both died in 2020. Now TaxCycle is asking me to detach one the returns for the other with the following message “Only married or common-law spouses may be coupled. Some calculations may be incorrect until you uncouple the returns.” My guess is TaxCycle is giving me this message as both Marital status on December 31, 2020 are Widowed.

  1. Should one be widowed and the other maried (depending on who died first)?
  2. Should the returns actually be detached?

You might find this helpful to try first (CRA Guide T4011)

Page 12, “How to complete the final return”, step 1, 5th bullet point

First I would double check that I had shown the marital status of the first to die as married. That person never became widowed. For the second to die I would show previous marital status as married and current status as widowed, date of change being the date of the first death. Please try that and see if it helps.