Special Instructions to preparer (Request)

I use the “Special Instructions to preparer” as a quick note when it shows on the client manager to be able to trace when I am still waiting for certain documents from the client. Example when a client has a T5008 to bring in later.

Is it possible to make the text colour blue on the client manager for this field so the Instruction notes stand out more on the client manager? It is a field that I would think is important to be highlighted?

All the Client manager changes are great and this is the last detail I would need to just using Taxcycle Client Manager for a T1 workflow tool.

Thank you


Hey Kevin1.

How do you get to the special instructions page? It sounds interesting but I was unable to find it.


It is part of the Identification - Engagement page, last box on the page

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That’s a great idea- colour coding it for the Client Manager, would really help. Or even have the yellow highlight feature.