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Slips Returns - options and settings

I love all the new slips module settings features. I love the detailed navigation and features overview. Unfortunately I am lost in the details. I need a map or trail guide. I am confused by yesterday’s Slips Returns_Part 1 presentation by Sarka. I am unclear when, what, and how to apply which slips setting. I am lost in all the detail. It is not so much the navigation tips. Instead it is the context of when do I create the setting and in which area. I would like a grid, framework, or cheat sheet that helps me understand which part of TaxCycle I need to access and in which folder.

  • GLOBAL slips setting for all years, all slips
  • GLOBAL slips setting for all years, a specific slips type
  • Slip setting for all years, a specific slips type
  • Slip setting for a specific year.
  • Slip setting for a specific client file.
  • Slip setting for a specific slip in a client file. (not filing) I got that one.

Hi Dominique,

Global settings are best done in Options.

  • Slip transmission numbers are set in Options > Transmission > Slips Accounts
  • The information you transmit as the preparer is set in Options>Transmission>Slip Transmitter
  • Each module has its own set of global options for file naming, new file setting, print sets, workflow, etc. If you select the category (ie File Naming) and you can see settings to change in the window to the right, then these are settings you can set globally here. Alternatively, you can pick a year within the category and set the defaults for just that module year.

Client specific defaults are set in the client file…

  • The Info worksheet and Optimization worksheet in the client file allow you to set client specific defaults for new slips in that file.
  • Slip settings for a specific slip are in the Filing section on each slip.

If you need more, please call support and ask for me, I can help you one-on-one with your specific questions.


Thank you :slight_smile: