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EFILE closed

I think we need a new release. I can’t seem to Efile anything but 2016 returns. I am getting what appears to be a Taxcycle message that “EFILE closed January 20th, 2017.”

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Same issue… I have two 2015 Returns to be filed and a compliance officer on my client’s tail. Please correct!

Tim I think there will be a new build in by 10:00 am est I have one to send but will wait for them to get in the office

I emailed TC. Mark from TaxCycle says “You can use the current version to EFILE 2016 returns but we will be releasing an update around Noon today to fix EFILE for prior years as for some reason it stopped working.”

@Arliss @TimParris @pugs1 @vivayala

We will correct this in a release later today. Thank you for your patience.


Fixed. :+1: Thanks for the quick work.

I e-filed my 2015 return, yay! Thank you for the quick update. This is why I so love TaxCycle.

Efiled 2015 and it has been assessed already.

Efiled 2016, but I checked the instant assessment box. Don’t know what will happen now.