Setting up clients for deceased returns in tax folder

First time user of tax folder here and I want to mainly use it for sending documents to my clients such as the client copy of the tax return and the invoice, etc. I have an estate return that I need to send to the executor so my question is: when I setup the client in tax folder should I use firstname: Estate of Lastname: the deceased person or do I put the executor name.

I know to use the executor email address and phone number but not sure how to name the file

If you are printing from TaxCycle to TaxFolder, you would use the Life Events section on the Info worksheet to add the Legal Representative along with their contact details. When you print to TaxFolder, if the date of death is entered, it will use these details to create the TaxFolder account.


In the print dialogue, you can change the label to read Estate of FirstName LastName so that it is identified as an estate engagement in TaxFolder.

Thank you so much Sarka