September 30 Public Holiday - any effect on AB due dates?

I’m wondering if anyone knows how the AB TRA will be treating deadlines that fall on September 30th (National Day for Truth and Reconciliation) tomorrow, and going forward?

Federally, it appears CRA is recognizing September 30th as a public holiday and deferring any due dates that would normally fall on that date to the next business day: Public holidays -

I’m wondering if anyone knows if the AB TRA is following suit? If not, it could create a bit of an odd dynamic with AT1s still due Sept 30, and the T2s due the following day. Not seeing anything on their website, etc., so thought I’d ask here.


In case anyone else is wondering, I called the TRA and the agent I spoke with indicated that there are no changes to AB due dates. I previously called, and the agent I spoke to last week wasn’t sure, so good to have some certainty.

No reason for them to alter their dates - AB does not recognize it (yet) as a statutory holiday.

Feds can only apply laws to federal employees and federally regulated corporations.