CERB Tax Payment Deadlines and Self Employment Income

I have observed on a few occasions that CERB recipients with self-employment income are not having their payment date extended to 30 Apr 2022. Most recent example has April 30, 2022 on our cover letter (should be correct) and 17 May 2021 on the Express NOA.

I suspect that CRA has a program problem that is causing an incorrect payment deadline to be shown. Taxpayer makes <75k and I see no reason for them not to qualify for a payment deferral.

Anyone else see similar issues?

Interesting observation. I would guess that this is a CRA glitch and hopefully a phone call to CRA would resolve it.

I have a client where both spouses are supposed pay instalment payments each year. They chose to pay off the entire balance owing instead and not pay any instalment payments. Last year due to covid, CRA was waving interest charges until Sept. 30th. CRA received payment on June 4th for both spouses. He was assessed $160 in Instalment interest. She wasn’t assessed any such charge. I suggested he phone CRA to see if it can be reversed.

CRA has been advertising that people who receive covid benefits need to file their taxes by April 30th to prevent interruption of these benefits. They don’t say anything about self-employed people receiving covid benefits who have a June 15th filing deadline. I’m hoping they don’t penalize these people by making it difficult to get their covid benefits because they are filing their taxes after April 30th.

Further observation. With NOA’s generated after 01 Apr, they usually give you 30 days to pay before they begin assessing interest. An NOA generated on April 19 for example will give you until May 19 to pay. CRA did not update their system to allow for CERB/CRB payment deadline extension, A simple phone call would clear it up, but who has time to sit on phone for 4 hrs with CRA?

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