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Does anyone know if there is a credit you can claim for having to rent a secondary residence for work. My client and his wife live in Victoria , BC and he had to rent another home in Vancouver, BC in order to start a new job in Van. while she maintained their home in Victoria. I know you can no longer claim commuter expenses after July 2017, but is their anything else he can claim.? What about moving expenses - his secondary residence is over 40 Klm closer to his new job, but he still lives with his wife at vIctoria address as well? Any suggestions or thoughts ?

having to rent a secondary residence for work”

Some thoughts:…

Employment expenses:
It is in the employment contract that he is forced to rent those premises because it is a required condition of employment, and more than 90% of the “residence” is stacked high with the storage of the Employer’s inventory, and the employee sleeps outside on the patio in his sleeping bag?

Moving expense deduction:
This only applies to taxpayers, who, well, actually “move”…
(“eligible relocation”)

Tax credit:
pied-à-terre Tax credit
For this credit, check S999 of the Income Tax Act (wishful version). However, I believe that it will only come into force and receive Royal Assent on the 12th of Never… :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Unfortunately, no.

It is the taxpayers choice to work for this employer who requires him to be stationed wherever.

The taxpayer had two other options, he could have moved the entirely family to the new location or he could have left this employer for one closer to his marital home.

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The answer to that might be considerably different if it were not “employment”…

Thank you Rachel for your information, I appreciate your time.