10 months in another province - Moving Expenses

I have a client who took a job, T4 contract, in BC in Jan/2018. Employer covered expenses for move. Client moved back to MB in November at her own cost to start a consulting & training business. A couple questions

1 - Although she was a MB resident at end of 2018, would she be eligible for any BC property or education tax credits?
2 - Would moving expenses back to MB be deductible?

Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Not sure about the BC credits, but moving expenses should be deductible, per the usual criteria.

Once you move to a new province, tax-related benefits such as BC property or education tax credits are forfeit.

Provincial child benefits also transition so repayments will be requested by the former province based on the date of the move.

Timely address changes with CRA can stave off migraines.