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Doxcycle not recognizing T-slip information

Is anyone else having the problem that almost none of the boxes on a T-slip are recognized when being brought into Doxcycle? We are importing and then adding every box and amount manually for a 2019 return. This is not saving time.

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in option under scanner turn greyscale on and what t form is it

We aren’t scanning through Doxcycle, just dragging the scans in and they are greyscale

I do not know what to tell you i scan through doxcycle and it read properly i might have to enter a few slip numbers but it does not slow me down. t4a are the bad ones for me!

Mine isn’t recognizing most of the boxes either. I am on 300dpi, color and greyscale both the same…

try taking it to black and white and grey scale and maybe move it to 600dpi

I am having the same issue as well.

what t slip is it not reading

The slips are mostly categorizing and sorting correctly but the OCR of the amounts on the slips is almost non-existent.

I just updated my scanner to a brother ads -2800W from a kodak scanmate i1120 and it is reading the slips better and it is faster and it did not hurt that it was on special for 449.00 with wireless network as well.