RL-1 Quebec slip

I am preparing a tax return for a person who lived and worked in Quebec but moved to Ontario in November 2020 which he is considered an Ontario resident for the taxation year.
He has a T4 slip and RL-1 slip for the same job he had in which the amounts from both slips are similar and the only difference I see between T4 slip and RL-1 is the amount of tax in box 22 of T4 slip and box E on RL-1.
I have entered the tax deducted on T4 slip and tax from box E on RL-1. Box 43700 is adding both taxes as a credit.
I never prepared a tax return that includes RL-1 so I just want to make sure if this is correct by having the tax on the T4 slip and tax on RL-1 slip are claimed as a credit on line 43700
Example: on T4 box 22 is $1301.16 and RL-1 box E is $1496.94 and line 237000 is $2798.10.