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Error in T4/R1 Quebec

Should be: Amount entered in Box A of RL1 + Box J in RL is not equal to box T4, Box14

Tacycle’s logic : RL1 Box A = T1 box 14 + RL1 Box J is incorrect

Normally, the difference between T4 Box 14 and RL1 Box A is the amount of taxable benefits that are taxable for Québec tax purposes and not for federal. The main difference is that of box J, employer paid health insurance benefits, so we refer to it specifically in the message and this usually results in the Box A amount being higher than the Box 14 amount.
There may be cases where the difference is not just that of box J and if the amount in Box A is correct, you can simply sign off the message.


Yes you are correct. In frequent cases Revenu Quebec has taxable benefits that are non taxable at the federal level.
In this particular case, my client’s T4 Box A shows $12753
On the RL1 Box A ( Employment Income) shows $12190 with an amount in Box O of $562 for “Other revenues”.
(I filled it in Box J instead … my bad …apologies)
My client confirmed the $562 was for short travel’s fuel expenses reimbursement.
Strange the federal T4 shows this as a taxable income and not Revenu Quebec.
In any case the sign off works.