RL1 and T4

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I have a client living in BC and working with his employer from QC. He got T4 and RL-1. As he is a resident of BC, he is filing his tax return in BC, not QC. Few things I need some clarity.
RL-1 box E and T4 Box 22 shows different amount. Box 10 on the T4 is empty. If I enter BC in T4’s Box 10 and QPP in box 17, then Taxcycle highlighted box 17 and said that the province of employment is BC, not QC. I am also getting another message on Box 14 as per the attached pdf.
Do I need to fill both T4 and RL-1?
Which province goes in box10 of the T4?
Amount in RL-1 (box E) and T4 (Box 22) should be the same,
RL-1.pdf (1.8 MB)
T4 issue.pdf (531.9 KB)
or it’s OK?

My bet is the employer has no idea what they are doing.
T4, RL1 or both are wrong

Just use the T4

You have to fill the Releve 1 as it appears and the T4 the same.

So Box E on Releve 1 is actually the amount of tax deduction for Quebec and box 22 on T4 is the amount withheld for federal income taxes. That is why they are different.

You need to remember that province of employment is Quebec and not BC.

The rule of residency for the tax purposes is that between BC and Quebec, in whichever province the taxpayer spent his/her last day of the year (December 31), must file taxes with that province.

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