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Where to enter RL-10 in Ontario tax

I need some help with Quebec slip RL-10. Preparing an Ontario tax and received an RL-10 with entries on box E and box F. I can enter the amount from box E in the Credit page under Labour Sponsored Fund Contributions but the amount in box F is not calculated and I don’t know where to enter it. The only part of the form that is written in English says to enter this amount on line 418 of the Federal (T1-4, S1? where?). What am I supposed to do with these numbers? I’m sure there is someone out there who knows how to deal with this slip on a non Quebec return. I would appreciate any guidance. Thanks all in advance.

Not sure.
My old PQ to rest of Canada slips conversion reference links no longer work.

Here are some more links for you to use while you search for an answer.