Return of Fuel charge - Farmers

I have a file that ended up being eFiled with a refund on the Return of Fuel charge.

Total farming expenses was zero on line 1, chart A of T2043, but an amount still ended up on line 67078 for T2043, which flowed through to Line 47556 of T1.

I should have caught this, but I didn’t.

Now the return is held up “In Processing” at CRA. Any idea if we can fix this!

Can you not file a reFile? I wasn’t able to efile any that had the Return of Fuel charge.

When it it “In Processing” you can’t re-file or adjust online

Then i am afraid there is no way to fix this. Wait indefinitely!

I am also getting error 503, and the attached message is like
“The Canada Revenue Agency is unable to process this ReFILE request as there appears to be no change to the return or some of the fields submitted have resulted in no change or some of the fields are ineligible using the ReFILE service.”
Does anyone have a solution for this?

Call CRA and have them deal with it. I had a similar situation so called CRA and was told that they understand the situation and no additional action is required.

But the issue is that there is a change in the return, and TC created T1 Adj. I can’t refile and get this error.