Require Additional Knowledge Based Authentication

Last year I turned this because clients were having a hard time with it. This year it’s off but clients are being asked for phone numbers.

Is this new?

The minimum level of security required to access TaxFolder documents for signature or approval is the SMS authentication. This has not changed since we launched TaxFolder.

From TaxCycle, the checkbox to add Additional Knowledge Based Authentication adds the last name, birth date and Last 4 numbers of the SIN as additional fields that need to be completed by the client to access the document.

Since last year, we simplified the interface to help make it easier for people to understand what they need to do by adding more visual cues and fewer written instructions. The updated client instructions with a screen capture of the updated access screen can be found here:

(Sign a Document in TaxFolder | TaxCycle)

In recent updates, we added some additional notifications which will alert clients if they need to update their browser or change their browser settings to work with TaxFolder.

We hope these improvements will help to alleviate some of the difficulties clients faced last year when trying to sign documents.