Remove Carryforward Memos

It seems like TaxCycle has implemented carryforward memos on Main Business Activity. Presumably this is at the request of the CRA. In any event, when I now carry forward a T2 file I get that popup type bar with the option to “Remove carryforward memos”

I don’t think this works quite as intended. When I click on “Remove carryforward memos” Taxcycle does remove the actual context of the memo, however, it leaves the yellow highlighting and the orange M on the field. Once this has happened the only way to delete the remains to type out a new memo on that field then the delete option appears again.

I’ve just looked at this, and if you are on a form that doesn’t have any memos on it, the memos on the other forms are correctly deleted. Is this what you are seeing too?

I just carried forward a T2 from 2017, so I’m still on the Info screen. TaxCycle has put memos on the Main revenue generating activity for 2018. There is a notice bar to Remove carryforward memos or view them. If I click to remove them, I would expect the memos would vanish, but they don’t. What vanishes is the context of the memos, but the yellow highlighting and the orange M remains on those fields.

I have taken some screenshots to try to describe the issue.
The first is taken after immediately upon carrying forward the T2 return
The second one is taken after I hit “remove carryforward memos”
The third shows a blank memo, meaning the memo itself has been cleared but there are artifacts remaining (ie the M and the yellow highlighting).




Thanks, I understand that part. But what happens if you switch away from the info form and then hit “Remove Memos”?

I understand now. I was so busy trying to delete the memos I didn’t get that far…

Yes, if I jump to another form and jump back to the info screen the memos are gone. :+1:

I can delete the memos while on the info screen, then switch to another form, and they have disappeared once you go back to the info screen.

We’ve got this fixed, and the change will be in our release tomorrow.

CRA is making some changes to the RC59 process, and we are refining how we are handling the phone number to make the process a little smoother.

Watch for an update…

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You guys are terrific – so responsive!! Sometimes the updates drive me nuts, but on the other hand…they have fixes, updates to make things better…all goodies!! Much happier with TaxCycle than my previous software, even after a fairly steep learning curve. Still (two years in) working out bugs in my processes.

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