Conversion memos

Can anyone explain to me the difference between “conversion memos” and regular memos when carrying forward a file from Profile into Tax Cycle for the first time?

Most of the conversion memos I see coming through relate to amounts on the comparative summaries and when numbers have been consolidated into single fields etc. I want to just be able to use the box that says “remove conversion memos”, but first I want to understand what it is I’m actually removing.

We generally add conversion memos where we are consolidating information from more than one field in another software program or calculating the amount if a corresponding field did not exist in the other program. These are to make you aware to check that the results are as you would expect them to be after conversion. You can mark the memo as complete or remove the memo if everything looks the way it should.

Regular memos added on carryforward are generally reminders to verify that nothing has changed from the prior year.

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