Right now the list of recent returns is 4. It would be great to have the option to increase this list to perhaps 20

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When you are on the start screen, just pin the recent (just above the quick search) tab from the top right and it shows you all the recents

That is the recent list for all modules you are referring to, I think… I would like to see a longer list per module.

There is not much room to comfortably show more files for the current module, so we will add a check box to what is currently the recent list for all modules, so you can show just files from the currently selected module.

Does that make sense? Then you can do what @james1 suggests plus tick the box and get what you want.


I like Bert’s idea. I believe you could sacrifice much of the room allocated for “News”. A lot of it ends up being old news. :grinning:

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I do not really want a big list there. Having the recent list on the right have the option to just show just the selected module would likely be the best solution. Adding too many recent files beside the icon would be redundant.

As an aside, personally, I would prefer that couples in the same T1 file are not shown as separate recent entries

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yes, that is the list

We’re going to look at refining this. The reason it is more than one entry is so that you can jump directly to any return in the file. We’re going to look at collapsing this into a single entry with hyper links, ie:

Cameron and Yvette Peters
Child1, Child2, Child3

You could then click on “Cameron”, “Yvette” or any of the children to do directly to that return.

~ Cameron

I find this recent list slow to respond for some reason. Switching between “Quick searches” & “Recent” tabs is slow & quirky as well. I have it auto hiding - maybe that is the reason.

For these reasons a list of about 15 or 20 files as Bert has suggested would be nice and I don’t think the amount of room for News & Support as mentioned previously is necessary. As years of modules are added it looks like this area was to shrink anyway.