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Reasssessment by CRA

In connection with reassessments initiated by CRA, it would be great to be able to do a 'T1 adjustment backwards. ie, if on the T1ADJ form we could complete the changed amount for each line number, and thus update the file.

That sounds complicated.

I typically have been updating the file as reassessed, from the details of reassessment, and saving again appending “as reassessed” to the file name.

That has been working for me although I know some prefer to have only on file per tax year.

I would prefer if the naming was automatic similar to the T1-ADJ if possible. Not sure if that would be easy to do or if it would be supported by others.

yes, I usually fix the prior year file. It would be nice if we could click reassessed by CRA option when Taxcycle asks if we want to prepare a T1adj

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