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RBC T5 slips Missing from AFR

Royal Bank of Canada T5 slips that were available earlier in the week via AFR have been pulled from that service, and are no longer available for download for whatever reason. This is not a Taxcycle issue as they are no longer available via “Represent a Client” either.

Reading between the lines, it looks like the Royal Bank might be have found some problems with their T5 slips.

This quote was from an earlier post.

Maybe they were aggregating when they shouldn’t have been?

Not sure what the issue is Arliss and I assume we will never find out. It is definitely a CRA issue. The Royal Bank of Canada T5 slips have been removed from both AFR and Represent a Client, presumably by CRA, and possibly at the request of the Royal Bank. Not sure if/when they will be back. Just an observation I made earlier, as all week RBC T5’s were populating and now they have vanished.

The Royal Bank T5 slips are back online and are available again via AFR and Represent a Client. The Royal Bank must have re-uploaded their T5 slips. The “date processed” by CRA on the RBC T5’s is now April 11, 2016.

We are unlikely to ever learn what went wrong with their original submission.