Quick Access Toolbar - AFR

This is not of any urgency, but at some point in time would it be possible to have the AFR (Auto Fill My Return) remain on the Quick Access Toolbar once you have selected it as a toolbar item?
I have the Ribbons hidden, so the only thing I use is the Quick Access Toolbar. Each time I open Taxcycle I need to add “AFR” to the Quick Access Toolbar. The setting disappears after you exit Taxcycle. Is this something that could remain permanent once the user checks it? Most of the other items in the Quick Access Toolbar are permanent once they have been selected.

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Thanks for pointing this out… unfortunately, after looking at this in detail, it’s not something that we can fix without making the kind of change we don’t like to make at this time of year. We will fix it, of course, but not before April 30th.

In the interim, perhaps we could assign a hot key? Would that help?

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Not a problem Cameron. I try to only close the program a couple of times a day, so it isn’t something I consider important, just something that would be handy in future… next year even.

I would find a hot key helpful.

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I’m fixing this today, but we won’t release an update until May or June.

I’ve also done my own return, and found some other AFR improvements, I think. I’m going to prototype them in the next week or so and make the additions available to this community, so that we can hopefully make a few more improvements well in advance of next year.

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~ Cameron