Printing Tabloid Sized Paper

I was wondering if TaxCycle can handle Tabloid (11x17) paper, such that the paper could be folded into a book. Or would that be too much?

That is an interesting idea. I did not consider printing the tax return in booklet form. All my financial statements are printed on tabloid and folded and stapled so I did a check to see if I could access my booklet settings and it appears that it you click on advanced setup, you can access the booklet settings on your printer so I would say it is possible assuming your printer can do booklets.

I have not tried to print one yet, but I may consider it in if I could work out some sort of cover.

What printer(s) do you have that prints that size paper?

Looking to replace my printer, so don’t have one (yet.) But need to know if
the software can handle.

At the moment, I lease a Canon IR-ADV C5045 with the booklet maker,2/3 hole punch, stapler, and 2700 page paper deck. About ten years ago, I stopped binding statements and started printing them to booklets. I figure the savings on binding coils and the time for the person to actually bind them covers a good portion of the lease cost not to mention the fact I am using less paper and not using plastic which I found my clients liked since we indirectly saving the environment.

Within the next couple months, I am starting a new lease for a Canon C5550 with the same features for about $400 per month. I have a service contract so I also pay per page copied. Depending on how big your office is, it may not be worth the price to lease this type of machine.

I suspect that I could print a booklet from Taxcycle but have not tried yet.