Print Configuration in TaxCycle Claiming No Mobile Phone Entered

I’m trying to send an RC325 form to my client through TaxCycle Forms and TaxFolder for signing.

I have everything filled out in the Info worksheet and the RC325 is all filled in. When I try to print to Email > TaxFolder, TaxCycle is kicking up the error: “Taxpayer : Please provide Mobile phone”

I have my client’s mobile phone entered everywhere I can think in TaxCycle Forms. It’s still showing the error. I’m signed in as myself and TaxCycle and TaxFolder are connected.

The TaxCycle Forms module is not fully supported for eSignature at this time. We are hoping to get the rest of the programming completed to connect the Forms module to DocuSign and TaxFolder sometime this fall.

As a work-around, you can print to PDF and create the signature request directly in TaxFolder.

or the e-sign feature of adobe acrobat.