Print conditions

I am trying to set up a print set for a specific condition. I have the one form in the print set, but have problems with the difference between Condition and Relevant. I think that I have messed up the Relevant…

I need the CDE form printed when:

  • Taxpayer is in a bankruptcy,
  • Trustee needs to know that the taxpayer is signed up for online mail, as they have to ask the taxpayer for a copy of the Notices that are only produced electronically.

I have another print set which prints for all bankruptcies but not for taxpayers who are not bankrupt. This has a Condition of {{not(isempty({{CurrentClient.Info.Filing.DateOfBankruptcy}}))}} and a Relevant of true

For this set, I have used the same condition, but added a Relevant of {{CurrentClient.RepAClientCDE.ClientInformation.OnlineMail}}=“Yes”

I’ve tried adding spaces before and after the =; I’ve tried low-case yes, without quotes and also tried without anything after the code. Feel like I just don’t understand this part.

Any suggestions on where I am getting this wrong?