Multiple Print Conditions

I am refining a print set and want to enter a multiple condition in the “condition” field. I saw some documentation example of this but there is something blocking the format of how to enter the multiple condition. Is there a format for an “AND” condition? My condition is that the method of communication is email and the billing total is greater than zero.

It’s basically like this:

(condition1) and (condition2)

If you can show me what you’ve got so far I can help you get it right.

Thanks for your help, Cam. This is what I have for a print format for creating a PDF copy of the invoice but it doesn’t select the print format. Both conditions are true on the return I’m looking at.

(CurrentClient.Engage.Engagement.MethodOfCommunications==“Email”) AND (CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Totals.BalanceOwing>0)

I just changed the “AND” to small case and it works. Thanks!


Cool. I have it on my list to make the AND case insensitive. Glad to hear you’ve got it sorted!

~ Cameron

I’ve been working more on these print formats much more this year. After four or five years I’m finding how flexible it is to work with the conditions. Great feature. The Client Manager seems much more stable this year, too.