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Determining Print Condition

I am refining my print profiles. I have a profile that prints documents I need to get signed by the client. I’d like to only print the T1032 if the individual is the transferor (since I don’t have to get two copies of that form signed). When editing the print profile, the “Condition” field only appears to handle true or false. Is there a way to put in a condition such as if CurrentClient.T1032.SplitPensionIncome.PensionerOrTransferee=1 (or whatever that field generates).


… should do the trick.

Thanks Cam but I guess the condition field just determines whether that print profile has a check-mark beside it in the list of print formats with the T1. What I was looking for was to determine whether a specific form in the print profile (which includes the T183, the engagement letter, the T1013, and T1032) would print.

Is that possible? It looks like I would have to setup a specific print profile with ONLY one form in it. Hopefully I’m wrong.

When I right-click on a form in a print-set, it shows about 5 options for what to do (show and select, show and don’t select, etc). Is it possible to put another option to enter a condition for that form? That seems to be the best option. That way, I can minimize the number of print formats on the side of my screen. That list is getting long.


Everything is possible :smiley:.

I’m reluctant to make the print selections even more complicated, but I will ponder this, and if there is an easier way to achieve what you want.

~ Cameron

Thanks. I understand not wanting to complicate things. The one addition to the right-click options seems like the best option to me but you have a better idea of the consequences.

I used to have clients just sign the transferor T1032, but then I realized the Step 5 section is different depending if client is transferor or transferee. I now have them sign both copies. I never had CRA ask for the T1032s, so I don’t know if they care if only the transferor T1032 is signed.

Both have to sign one copy of the T1032 and keeped on file

That’s an interesting point @vivayala but I’ve always gone on the basis that since it’s a joint election, I only need one copy signed. I’ve had to send these to CRA in the past and haven’t had them ask for a second form (hope this doesn’t jinx me!). I always end up shredding the second copy of the election; hence my request. If I can get the software to ignore it, it makes my life a bit easier and I’m all for that in March and April.

One copy says you want to stick income on the other taxpayer and one copy says that taxpayer is okay with the additional income being passed.

Both spouses must sign the form