Post assessment reviews

Had to do a post assessment review this morning. The staff member that used to do them, is no longer with my firm.

Would suggest that taxcycle pay some attention to the response requirements by CRA, and gear some printouts to their requirements.

For exemple, the request I responded to was to support the family tax cut. In order to satisfy that, I had to put together the following:

  1. schedule 1A
  2. the spouse’s information
  3. the information for each of the dependents, and if they lived with the taxpayer.

What I provided:

  1. schedule 1A
  2. the client info screen
  3. the dependant info page for each dependent, on which I filled out that the children lived with the taxpayer.

Now I realize that the family tax cut is history, and will not likely have much more of these requests. But this illustrates the need to have printouts that match the information request for CRA.

By the way, on the options/research tab, I have inserted

for the CRA website.