Post Assessment Review Letters

We have noticed at our firm that all of the post-assessment review letters have been going directly to the clients. We have marked in our software for all of our clients that the letters should come to us. The letters are from all different tax centres with a variety of different topics being reviewed. We can’t even see the letters in the mail on the clients’ individual RAC mailboxes. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Any suggestions? Thanks as always!

One of four went to client, but that letter was also in his online mail which they never signed up for. The other three was downloaded from RAC after I got the “You got mail” email.

My clients are getting them as well…some are on Rep a client.
My company is not signed up for online mail…nor will it ever be.

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My clients are getting the letters as well and then phone me in a panic. Yes, some are on Rep a client and others are not. I am signed up for mail but don’t get all the review letters as I should be…very frustrating!

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Thanks all for your responses! Makes me feel better that I’m not alone… I spoke with the CRA to try to figure out this problem and they went through all the fields on the T183 with me to ensure we filled it out correctly (which of course we did), and the agent said they have no clue why the letters are going to the client. Great…

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So I also have also always chosen to have the clients receive the review letters (then I assist with/submit the response if requested - n/c).
That has worked well, but new this year it appears those letters are NOT also being posted online so I can’t log into RAC to have a look when clients call me about that mail (??).
The latest one that I haven’t been able to log on to see is a new one for me:
Husband & wife had LOTS of medicals so I optimized & split the claim 50/50. Husband got picked for review back in July - all good & submitted weeks ago, waiting. This week the wife got a review letter for her share of the medicals, waiting for my client to bring it so I can respond appropriately :roll_eyes:.

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In a case like this I would submit both claims right away. Historically, when one is reviewed, the other one will be as well…It worked well for me in the past.

Yes I have been noticing that too! I will get an email from a client saying they got a letter, so I go on RAC to grab it, and sometimes it’s there and other times it isn’t!! So so frustrating!! Like, I just want the reference number CRA haha

That is so frustrating! I have some USA clients that both got reviewed for FTC; letters sent at different dates and are from different tax centres !!! One on RAC, the other not

I just looked and these 2 reviews for spouses originate from different TC’s too!

Yup. It’s hit and miss what they load on there and beyond frustrating.