Quickbooks Desktop Pro Advisor Subscription

Has anyone else seen their Quickbooks Pro Advisor subscription renewal? We have a 5 user license. Last year the cost was $1,680 ($336 per user) this year the renewal is $4,200 ($840 per user)

I’m a bit pissed…


‘Bit’ pissed is an understatement. If you don’t have Advisor subscription, you are on the hook to pay for payroll processing based on number of employees. I am desperately looking for an alternative. Please advise if you find one.


I have been using accountant version for over 15 years that coves with payroll and multi currency. The price is getting increased every year but I do not pay extra for payroll.


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I guess you can say, the Intuit management are squeezing their customers so that they appease their stockholders and maybe purchase another great product just to run it down to the ground (rip Mint and Credit Karma).

I agree, the 2023 pricing on Quickbooks Desktop is Quickbooks is quite ridiculous. The most reasonable explanation as to why they’ve increased their prices drastically is so more people would be QBO, which I refuse to touch with a ten feet pole. A lot of QB forum users have been addressing the pricing complaints and people such as myself are done dealing with this Intuit and their programs. I guess I should have stopped being an Intuit customer when I had changed my tax software from Profile to Tax Cycle.

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So should we switch to Xero? Sage pricing is going through the roof as well. Intuit are raising prices so they can pay their top 6 or 8 people a total of around $25,000,000. Intuit’s upper tier people are leaving left right and centre. If i went to a Quick books Connect, I wouldn’t know any one any more. I used to know quite a few people but they are all gone.

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Even that price has jumped quite a bit. I have honestly wondered why it jumped so much and debated switching to another product because of it.

Have you tried Accountedge Canada Version, known as MYOB 20 years ago. Quickbook boought out MYOB and killed it after.

I am still using MYOB Canada version 11, it keeps running perfectly and I am buying annual payroll table from a third party called Directup at $130 only.

I use Sage 50 Accountant Edition, you can use it for any client and it’s under 600, so i think it’s fair and it has payroll.


Can you use this for multiple clients at once? Or do you have to pay a fee for each client?

I am also gone be start using Quick Book but just worried about prices.

The current Accountedge Canada is on a monthly subscription base of about $40 per month with Canadian payroll, and you can use it for multiple clients. Just call them and ask for a quote.

Accountedge is a multi-user, multi-currency, and job-costing feature. It is widely used in UK, Australia and Hong Kong (the name is MYOB there)

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One fee, many clients. My Sage Accounting Network (or whatever they call it now) subscription which provides me with Sage 50 CDN and their “remote desktop access” was $715 last October. (This allows it to run on a Sage50 desktop, but be accessible from other locations via the same Sage50 desktop software…all the advantages of “cloud” without losing control of the data or the program.)

OTOH, I have clients still using very old versions (2012!) that work fine as long as payroll is not needed.

Yes. It can be used on multiple computers for multiple clients at a time. Being a single user license two persons can not work on one client books.

That hardly happens. I have been using it over 100 client books.


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Lol… I have a client on Simply 2007… they have an old computer obviously.

Hoping they upgrade soon… conversion to my version takes some time as multiple steps once its that old.

My software of choice is Sage Desktop… Cant beat the price, reliability, professional feel.

Have some clients who insist on QB for their input. One corp and rest are Sole Prop I see once a year; therefore, I have a few older desktop versions of QB for their needs as only one is online version.


I paid $830 plus tax for my accountants version this past February. Sage is getting increasingly difficult to love. I started using Simply in the early ‘90’s and I think it was $150 to buy and $100 for the annual renewals, including payroll.
This year I’ve had to deal with 2 clients who were locked out of their data. Sage has gone to an annual subscription service rather than a “ buy and renew if you want” service. And, I had never had any notification that they had this planned. Is there any difference between this and being taken in by ransomware? In fact, it’s worse. Once you pay the ransom, you might get your data back. With Sage, you pay every year at whatever price they decide, or you lose data access. I still like the program, except for a few shortcomings although tech support is useless. If your data gets corrupted, don’t waste your time calling Sage. Find a third party who specializes in restoring corrupted data. I used MYOB 20+ years ago and liked it. Although, if you installed it for a client, you had to be sure to install it with the audit trail enabled.

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In 1997 as a ProAdvisor, I paid $199.99. Adjusting for inflation it should be $334.98. My renewal bill is $840 due in July. :sob:

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Sage is really ripping people off. I haven’t upgraded my quickbooks 2021 as it works fine and i don’t need the 64 bit edition at $450

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To add to that…they haven’t done much (other than Remote Data Access because nobody wants their almost-as-terrible-as-QBO online offering) to improve the program in YEARS. Still can’t pull GST out of an amount in the GJ or run a single report across multiple (or even ONE) year end.

OTOH, it actually knows what a debit and a credit are and one doesn’t have to call in to Support to delete automated payroll entries that are incorrect. Ugh…both offerings are absolutely atrocious.

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They are pushing hard to discontinue QB Desktop. I haven’t had a ProAdvisor subscription for years (for the desktop version), but wanted to sign up again this year because I have one client that keeps trying to give me a QBX file (accountant copy), which can’t be opened in Pro or Premier (non-accountant version). I couldn’t figure out how to sign up online, so I called Intuit - they said they are no longer selling ProAdvisor subscriptions. They are only supporting that version for customers who already have ProAdvisor subscriptions. I think they called it “legacy support”.

It’s ridiculous that they want to discontinue! The desktop version is far better than QBO, and I have several clients who refuse to switch to online, either because of that (clients who are doing their own books) or because they just don’t trust online (mostly clients who prefer me to do their books in desktop, so there is no direct online connection). And QBO is more expensive when each client has to pay a monthly fee.