Paper filing Jan 2021 Date of Death Return with watermark

Is it possible to remove the watermark “Preview for review only” so I can print and mail the return.

Inserting the date of death on the Info worksheet removes the watermark so you can print and file on paper without a watermark.

Note that paper processing can be slow. Alternatively, you can wait to EFILE when the system opens on Feb. 21st.

I am working in 2023 tax return and the tax payer was deceased Jan 11 2023 , I entered in the date of death and the watermark is still persisting to stay in place. Any other suggestions to get rid of it so I can print it and send off an Early File?


The 2023 forms won’t be finalized by CRA until Jan '24 so I don’t think the program can drop that watermark. The traditional way of doing early returns has been to prepare them on a 2022 return, print the return, and scratch out 2022 and put 2023. You won’t be able to efile the return and CRA may or may not even accept the mailed copy. It likely depends on how much income the deceased had for 2023.

When I try the same scenario, the watermark is removed (when date of death in the year is entered). You must have purchased the new license for the 2023 tax year though to have it work (meaning your license is good to Jan 2, 2025).