Moving the POST stamp

Sometimes DoxCycle thinks it has found a box in the bottom right of a scanned document. And since the Post button tries to position itself underneath the last box on a page, the Post button ends up on top of the box.

This creates a problem as the Post button is immovable and the box is inaccessible as the Post button is on top of it.

Our workaround has been to delete the form, then go to it in deleted items. the deleted item does not have the Post button, but does retain the boxes. So from there we can access the box and move or delete it and then restore the deleted form.

It would be nice if there was a way to move the Post button prior to posting (the Posted can be moved) so we could avoid the workaround.

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Excellent idea and thanks for the work around.

This is on the list for us to do. For now you can add another box below the last box (from the Review ribbon) and the post button will reposition itself. This might be a faster workaround

@Marc, that was the way we tried that at first but found it extremely frustrating (especially when the new box move the posted stamp away from the old box, only to cover the new box :grinning:). In the end it has been quicker for us to do the delete thing.