Rearranging/ordering documents in DoxCycle

We’ve been having a hard time organizing documents with DoxCycle, especially reordering slips/documents of the same type. Seems if we try to drag to reorder, unpredictable things happen - sometimes it doesn’t do anything, sometimes groups pages together, sometimes move the page we want to move, but inexplicably reorders other ones. Grouped pages can’t seem to be moved at all within the same type.

My end goal is to have slip order in DoxCycle match the slip order in TaxCycle. When dealing with larger returns with lots of slips in particular, this makes it much easier to organize and review (we also organize the client source documents in the same manner).

Some suggestions that would help out here:

  1. Add some keyboard shortcuts, e.g. Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Down to move selected page(s) up or down one line in the index would make this easier since the mouse movements seem to be very sensitive.

  2. If one page (or group) is moved, don’t change anything else.

  3. Allow grouped pages to be reordered.

  4. Some automated sort options that correspond in TaxCycle & DoxCycle (e.g. type/slip and then into alphabetical order).

In the meantime, any tips/suggestions would be appreciated!