DoxCycle Suggestions (2021 T1s)

I am using DoxCycle on a portrait monitor and not normally using the sidebar. The checkmark on DoxCycle pages (in the top left corner) is not much different from the unchecked status (I think the checkmark is just bold-faced when checked). Is there a way to make these stand out more when checked?

Also, I know there is a filter on the sidebar to hide empty categories. Is it possible to have a filter to only show unchecked documents?


We love using DoxCycle and will continue to do so. It is fantastic for reviewing files remotely. However, with the use of AFR now, we rarely post from DoxCycle anymore. We would like the option to set the default to show/not show the post annotation and then we can default to not show. Then in few instances we can restore post annotation when we want to use it. We spend too much time deleting the post annotation. I know we could just leave it but as a visual it is easier if it is not there so i can focus on the posts that were actually done from DoxCycle.
Thanks for your consideration.


How about a scan only button and a scan with OCR button. Ditto with import.

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It’s difficult to have an data extraction / no data extraction buttons, because there are several different ways to import or scan.

We need to do either a toggle on the ribbon or an option.

How many of you want to use data extraction some of the time but not always and not never?

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Some of the time.

A perfect example would be someone who brings in a 100 prescription receipts.

I would not post them individually but would want them scanned in.

I don’t post from DoxCycle to the T1 program so I assume I don’t need this option. I can see that someone posting from DoxCycle could use this as OCR can really slow down scanning.

I do some of the time, not all the time…

Created a stamp saying ‘entered by AFR’

Also sometimes…

I’m similar to @BertMulderCGA — customized AFR stamp.
Physical scan? Rarely.
Import PDF to DoxCycle? Frequently, but not always.

For more complex (documentation-wise) T1s I just build a separate directory and stash their stuff there…it’s easier to control than in DC. ie multiple rental properties, businesses etc.

But still, even for those, the stuff likely to be requested by CRA I import to DC.

I seldom use DoxCycle.since it is so much easier to use AFR.

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I am thinking Trilogy should be running an education campaign on the benefits of Doxcycle as it seems like it is not used or under utilized by many.

Maybe that is why it is not receiving the love it deserves. :slight_smile:


I wholeheartedly agree with Arliss on this. As I have mentioned in other threads, DoxCycle is a key part of our tax preparation system. It comes before AFR for us. We use AFR as a way to make sure CRA doesn’t have something our clients didn’t bring in or didn’t get. There is no way we would wait for or rely only on AFR. Plus DoxCycle provides a great, paperless way to keep the tax documents on file and organized - including the support for non-slip income.


I use a mix…but the biggest problem I have with DC is not being able to add a second, third or fourth “posting stamp” to documents imported from client PDFs when there is more than one receipt per “page”.

Then I need to do things like give it a name “Charity 1 / Charity 2” and show two amounts on the posting box. I’d rather have the option to add a posting box to each slip if they’re on one page. (Maybe there’s a way to do this and I’ve never figured that out? If so…it would go to the training suggestion!!)

Right, Matthew. I’m about to gain some space in my home office by getting rid of the filing cabinet I haven’t opened for at least 5 years. Lots of space in the file drawer in my desk.
Go, Doxcycle!

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Just thought I would share my first level of folder structure for T1 in Doxcycle. Might stimulate some ideas for others.

There was a webinar or something a few years ago. I attended it, and couldn’t see how it would benefit me. But I’d be willing to attend another demo or webinar and re-assess. I’ve re-watched some of the YouTube videos, but they don’t show me anything new or useful to my process.

I have flirted with a system similar to the one provided by @Arliss. I concluded, though, that I don’t need this level of detail for any other than the most complex tax returns. I use DC to arrange the slips/information by taxpayer (principal, spouse, children) and within each taxpayer in order of income, deductions, credits, and correspondence/notes. Once done that, I do my editing in a different PDF editor with more customized stamps. Better annotation features in DC would bring me back to using it exclusively.

I tried scanning medical documents and could not get Doxcycle to read them properly. Then the dates didn’t show up properly in the Medical Expenses work sheet and I just gave up. I can scan documents with my Scansnap ix1500 and store them in related files. I failed to see the benefit of DoxCycle with all the extra work it caused for me.

Unfortunately I have had the same experience. I love the support from the TaxCycle team, but I find DoxCycle only creates more work.
I even lost data because the DoxCycle PDF got corrupted for a client one day. In that case you loose all the data, not just one PDF because they are all combined into one.

It seems like a nice program but it creates a lot more work than just using Adobe Acrobat and then manually entering everyone’s information from the slips. By the time you’ve checked off each box and entered numbers that it couldn’t read, i’ve already entered 3 or 4 slips manually.