Medical expenses field code change in the client letter

This will be in the next release notes, but this is something you may want look at this week if you have time before EFILE opening…

We noticed that the Medical Expenses section on the 2019 T1 client letters was not displaying because it referred to the S1 instead of the T1 jacket (now that the S1 is part of the jacket).

We are updating the built-in client letters in the next release. And, we’ve added some support for templates to be able to link the former S1 field codes to the new fields on the T1 jacket. However, we suggest reviewing any custom templates for field codes that contain S1 in them and updating the field codes as this may not work in all cases.

The only instance we could find in our built-in client letters was to the Medical Expenses with this condition:

{{# S1.FederalNRTC.M[45] > 0 }}

Medical expenses

We have prepared a Medical Expense Schedule to claim your Net Eligible Medical Expenses of ${{ format(S1.FederalNRTC.MField[45]) }}. {{# Filing.IsT1EfileEligible}}We have attached the receipts that you provided to your copy of this schedule. Should the CRA request your receipts, please send them a copy of this schedule, as attached to your copy of this return, along with all of the attached receipts.{{/ end}} {{# not(Filing.IsT1EfileEligible)}}We have attached the receipts that you provided to the CRA’s copy of this schedule, which is attached to the filing copy of your return. These receipts will be reviewed and then kept by the CRA.{{/ end}}

{{/ S1.FederalNRTC.M[45] > 0 }}

In this case, the field code in the condition will change from

{{# S1.FederalNRTC.M[45] > 0 }}


{{# T1.FederalNRTC.M[45] > 0 }}

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@jglass This may interest you…

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Elizabeth would not the section i have circled have to change to T1 at the begining?

Thanks, updated all of them, and the one @pugs1 pointed out too :slight_smile: